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Karel Beer - vocals, guitars ,keyboards
George Wolfheart / Marten Ingle - electric bass
Hélène Labarrière - acoustic bass
Jeff Boudreaux / Chris Bell - drums
Rodolphe Burger / Clive Gregson /Ronnie Caryl / Tim Stone
Gary Lucas / Sal Bernardi - electric guitars
Terry Lee Hale - 12 string acoustic guitar / Yan Vagh - classical guitar
Rob Armus- tenor saxophone / Sebastien Llado - trombone / David Layton - basset horn
Andy J Forest - harmonica
Paul Susen / Melissa Cox - violins
Sonia Erhaud - musical saw / Michel Deneuve - cristal de Baschet
BJ Cole - pedal-steel / Emma-Jean Girard - jaw’s harp
Alison Young, Gabriela Arnon, Kim Richey, Marisa Yeaman, Peter Kimberley - backing vocals


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