Emo Philips

the bigger picture

"Has a glitteringly sharp comic mind. ... it's hard to criticise when your windpipe is in a reef knot from concussive laughter..." Sunday Herald

"The absence has only made his heart grow funnier ... one spot-on gag after another ...his carefully constructed lunacy threatens to give the shambolic world of stand-up a good name." Metro

"It's a relief to discover the straightforward gagman… a master of one-liners
he's way ahead of anyone else." The Independent

"A fascinating comedian. His stage persona masks how incredibly professional he is…
a master gagsman" Scotland On Sunday

"His jokes are gold. And it's not just the way he tells them it's the number of jokes he has.
Absolutely top of the class in the laughing academy. The List

"Utterly idiosyncratic. Refreshing, cranky and extraordinarily funny. The Times

"Perfection…. he sets demanding standards for any comic to achieve, and that even includes himself."

"If Kafka had done stand-up comedy, he might have talked and looked like Emo Philips."
New Yorker

"The E.T. of comedy…. A wise child spewing barbed aphorisms." New York Times

"If David Lynch is Jimmy Stewart from Mars, Emo is buster Keaton from Venus…"
Evening Standard

"A postgraduate course in lunacy from the master of macabre mischief,
incapable of presenting a stale premise or uttering a flat line.
The is the velociraptor of comedy: smart, sneaky and merciless."
Star Tribune

"His jokes are more perfectly constructed,and his personality
more compelling, than anyone else's ...his comic fusillade is irresistible."
The Guardian