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Tommy Tiernan
confronts a coincidence

could only happen in Paris


Karel's Letter From Paris
I have been promoting stand-up comedy in Paris since 1995 when I did Eddie Izzard's very first show here. That was in the Erotika up in the Pigalle part of town. When the Erotika closed comedy moved down the hill to the Hotel du Nord
whose walls saw the cream of comedy perform on a tiny stage between 1997 and 2005. When the Hotel du Nord (not a hotel in fact) was sold I took shows
to Paris' oldest dance-hall La Java where we spent seven succesful years and saw three changes of ownership. The third owners didn't consider that laughing mattered that much so come 2016 we were in the Bastille district happily housed in La Chapelle (des Lombards) until that too was sold in 2019 and became
Le Sinaloa. Here I managed to put on four shows before discovering in early 2020 that it too had undergone a remarkably rapid change of ownership.
It is now le Mikado from where I have recovered my round bottomed mic stand.
At extremely short notice I moved my shows and starting with Boothby Graffoe in January Laughing Mattered all the way to the left bank and Chez Georges.

Here every first wednesday of the month there will be regular comedy in a small medieval cellar. There will be room for a lot less people than in previous venues but the atmosphere more than makes up for the lack of space.
Booking is recommended.


When you hear the sirens wail their redundant warning
consider it a call to comedy later in the day


Karel Beer's Laughing Matters In Paris Presents
Stand- Up Comedy On The First Wednesday Of The Month

With From San Francisco

mills site
David Mills

Live and Bitchin"
Chez Georges
11 rue des Canettes Paris 6
metro St Germain des Pres / Mabillon
Wednesday 4th March 8-30pm

tickets 20€ / 15€ students
book tickets by
clicking here

David Mills is a class act. His jokes are beautifully crafted, sparkling little missiles loaded with wit.

Darkly funny, bristling with sharp-tongued satire and incisive wit.

His claws are as sharp as his suit.

Fearless and perceptive… at the top of his form.

Like the sharp-suited lovechild of Larry Grayson and Dave Allen, Mills combines laid-back storytelling with acerbic wit.

deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Dave Allen. A legend in the making.

David Mills is heading for the big time. Most definitely one to watch.

Wonderfully bitchy.

Caustic, controversial and politically incorrect… genuinely funny and thought-provoking.

Devilishly charming.

His talent for whip cracking one-liners is audaciously thrilling.

A gifted, bravura performer. His ruthless, cynical bitchiness is hysterically funny.

The camp, sharply dressed American can tear apart any topic, TV star or whole subset of humanity he sets his sights on.



Karel Beer's Laughing Matters In Paris Presents
Stand- Up Comedy On The First Wednesday Of The Month

Chez Georges
11 rue des Canettes Paris 6
metro St Germain des Pres / Mabillon
Wednesday 1st April 8-30pm

Karel Beer's Laughing Matters In Paris
in Association with Mick Perrin Worldwide

Tommy Tiernan


Saturday 4th April 8pm
The TomFoolery Tour
comes to

Theatre de la Traversiere
15 bis Rue Traversiere Paris 12

Metro Gare de Lyon

tickets on the night 35€
advance tickets 30€ / 20€ studnets
book tickets by
clicking here

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