The Shape Of My Shirt

Intro: = verse sequence
C/G/Am/D/ G

C                             G                             Am

Girls you were jealous of whose names I can’t  recall
D                                                                                    G
they were bodies in my bed you know not faces on my wall
C                                             G               Am                   G
it was you I always wanted to come back to every time
D                                                                                             G
but I could never make you understand now your lover’s on the line
the face I’ve lost is the one you loved you swore it on your oath
the night you said your suffering  was soon to hurt us both

but you never hurt my feelings 'till yours were all but gone
and: now I’m one of a. number and you're my number one
C                                G                                   Am
you gave me my favorite shirt  it’s the one I‘ve always worn

         D                                     G                                                           
only now it’s old and faded it’s tattered and torn
            Am                                    G                      D
but the shape of my shirt is nothing girl compared with mine
                  C                        G                            D
since your number’s always occupied with your lovers on the line
c g d / c g d / to bridge
c g
Am                            G                Am                       D

You're away for a weekend it may as well be for a life
   D                                                                                      G
i can see you getting married but you'll never make a wife

tonight when I got through to you, you were full of good advice
go out and get yourself loaded come home and write something nice
well suddenly you’re the teacher and it’s I who has to learn
that kindness becomes charity when you want: nothing in return

I’ve got a wardrobe that you gave me you’ve really got me screwed
If I ever want to get over you I’ll have to do in the nude
I’m naked without you baby I’m soul-less and I’m cold
I’m a child without it’s bottle I’m a slave that can’t be sold

Cgd / cgd / cd c
I hung up for security it was safer than saying goodbye
run the risk of cracking up on the line, wouldn’t want you to hear me cry
but I’d love you to feel guilty but that' s asking for too much
'cause sometimes you find you’re losing love when all you thought you’d lose was touch

Am G Am D

But it's easier for you baby I never gave you a thing
D                                                                                             G
all I offered was my company and all you wanted was a ring.
Cgd/cgd .
End on G I think

27 June 1976 chez F Roche rue de Lyon