I Guess I’m Going Home With You

Intro a – g –d x 4
A slide to D
C                  D                           A                          A/d
sitting on a barstool with my eyes fixed on the door   
             C                                       D                                  A
almost everyone has come and everyone has gone again
C                                              D                                  A                          A/d
been here so long I clear forgot what I came here for
C                                       D                             A

but there’s only one woman in a room full of lonely men
C                  D                           A                          A/d
you sure are no dream girl in fact you're not my kind
C                                              D                                                                      A- A/G/D
your hair is a mess but I like the way your dress likes you
C                  D                           A                          A/d
I don’t know where you’ve been girl and I daresay i don't mind
C                                              D                                                                      A
‘cause everything looks better once you get a drink or two
 A/G/D x

D                                  A             G                             D
losers can’t be choosers and the lonesome cannot lie
A                                   G                                                 D

I can tell by your face this place is gonna make you cry
C                                            G

what do you say we get away
 A                                 D
It’s the best we both can do
A                                     G                                  D

I don’t want to be alone so I guess I’m going home with you
            A                                    G                                  D
I don’t want to be alone so I guess I’m going home with you

Solo v2

Come V1
I don’t want to be lonely
and I don’t want to waste my time
but an empty bed is a burden I can share
I know that you’re only waiting for a sign
I know where you’re gonna go and I know who’s gonna take you there

Come V2
I came to meet my baby
but my baby didn’t show
I’ve been calling her number but it’s always occupied
don’t you think that maybe it’s time for us to go
the barman’s started yawning and the sun’s coming up outside


Fin A G D x ? accelerating  rue st denis 14/15 may 1977