Emergency Exit

Intro = verse sequence Bm / Gm / Dmj7/D/G - Bm / Gm / Gm /D
Verse 1

Bm                                           Gm                                         Dmj7
I'd like to go back one last time   and travel by a different line 
D                               G
just to see what there is to show

but they'd make me feel so out of place
Gm                                                                                                D
sorry that I showed my face now  will you kindly have the grace to go

Verse 2
friend said he say you yesterday that he had to look the other way
could not believe what he saw

I had to smile I had to laugh I even have a photograph
it's nothing that I have not seen before
                                  E                      G                               A
and I’ve seen much more, so much more, now I’m really sure
             E                                              B
when I look at you i know there is no hope…………………..
when i feel for myself i know i cannot cope

when i hear someone laugh i feel sorry that i ever spoke
now i apologize but i fail to see the joke

B – A –G -A
D                                   G
Look there's not much room can' t you feel the crowd,
can't you sense they're nervous
D                                  G                                                                       A ---- E……B
soon they will turn on you give yourself a break take the back way out

Solo verse sequence as intro

Verse 3
a crowd of people gathered 'round
they said come and look see what we've found must have fallen several flights or more
now you're all invited you can't refuse you at least must be the last to lose
and the first to see exactly what i saw

                  E                                     G                               A
and I feel sure, that you'll see much more, oh so much more
E                                                                                               B
when you reach out for help when you know that there is no hope…………..
when you hold out your hands to show that you cannot cope
when you hear someone laugh before you even spoke
then you look at yourself in the hope that you might see the joke (stay on B 2 bonies)
B> E x 4
End B A G A  - D


5 dec 1973 la grange rimade