Call It A Day*

Intro = A/E/G/A
A                                       E
just when I thought i was loving you right
G                                                A
you were in for the asking and out for the fight
Bm7                                   C #m7
that went and lasted all through the night
and you get up early

and I get up tight

another day wasted you're not sleeping enough
you're either feeling too tender or you're fighting too rough
i can call your number and you can call my bluff
always go home hungry you can never have enough

                  D                                   A
now i'm not into your angles, am I out of your range
Bm                                    E                          
you need a cigarette and i need a change
from these make or break it moments  no-one wants to lose    
G                                    D
and tonight if we can't get it right
C                      G

what do you say we call it a day
reprieves and reprisals. you're not ready for bed
when you're not walking on water then you're living in dread
oh baby boy but you kept me guilty
then you forgave me instead of
looking for the needle when you know I’ve lost the thread

(descent A G F# E D)

Solo = verse sequence + chorus but not on CD = verse + C>D at end


now i'm coming home early stopping off in each bar
another bar behind me is another bar too far

the closer I get to you the further I must go
the less i like it the more i need to know

now the man in the movie has breathed his last line
when he had the magic she didn't have the time
just because we're both born beneath the same sign
doesn't make me yours any more than it makes you mine

end descent A G F# E D C# B C# D -  F# G Ab A (harmony)
7 oct 1977 rue st denis