Angel Maker 11-4-1976

Intro  A7 /Am7 /F /Bm

Verse 1
It’s hard to tell

Am7                             F                           Bm open a d & e
where the people end and the mirrors begin
Cmj7                Fmj7

they say it’s a sin they pray it’s not true
                   D7                                            G
this doesn’t it happen to you but these things do

Chorus 1
#m            C                           Bm           A
I’m gonna meet you on the boulevard
C#m                     Bm                 E
by the drug-store window after dark

A7                          Am7
you won't have to look very hard
D7                     G
if you just look right

Verse 2

a little girl in a gingham dress
she didn’t give a fuck she ran out of luck
they all went to town messed her around something awful

Chorus 2
they say you've been soiled I see you've been scared
but you had a reason after all
we're gonna take her to the angel maker
he’s gonna make her as good as new

solo verse / solo chorus x 2

Verse 3
a little bit of pain a drop of blood
you know what it’s like, falling off a bike
it doesn't do any harm doesn’t  leave a scab

let’s call and grab a cab and all go home

A7                                         Am7
we're gonna take her, to the angel maker

D7                                                   G
we're gonna make her as good as new           x 6