First Person

V1 (bar 1)
Eb                                                D
Now that there's nowhere left to go

Eb                                 D
I will not take you very far
A                                       D 
should we forget who you used to be
A                                            D
just you remember who you are
Bm                                       C#m
Are you still waiting by the bookstore after school
Bm                                      Amj7
is it in the hope that I might show
     D                                            Amj7                                       E
if that's why you're waiting there then I think it’s only fair you know
A                 A7                    D
you will not see me by the book-store after all
A                   A7            D
would you want me to return
B                                                   (= f#>g#>e)
the favors that you gave
E   Em      Eb          Ebm?       
no matter how small

I did not earn – you will not learn
V2 (bar 25)
Bm                                       C#m
A younger man could give you more i know but could he give you what i gave
now the golden days are gone don't you think that from now on, you should save
and think about all the new resolutions you have made
you have no call cutting class

and if this time you really make the grade
I’ll let you pass oh I’ll let you pass

bridge (bar 41)
A                                                                                D
I’ll let you pass your time remembering who you used to be
A                                                               D
and spend your time forgetting who you are

solo verse sequence  (bar 45)
Bm  / C#m / Bm  /Amj7 /  D  / Amj7 /  E
if that's why you're waiting there then I think it’s only fair you know
+  A>D x2

v3 (bar 56)
locked outside the freedom finals end  but do you think it's time to wait
to tell the men from the boys and the weapons from the toys
till it's too late

A                                  A7              D   
and you hear you’re not the first person any more
A                               A7          D
the subject changes far too fast

B                                             E
and is the future what you're really waiting for
Eb                   D x 4
or part of the past x 4      / fado (bar 80) Eb / D / Eb / D / A / D / Amj7 / C / G > D x 6


Mill Hill Jan 1970