A Thousand Pages Before
Intro D D7 D6 D x 2 (run down d c b a)

D                        D7                D6
They say I was found in your garden
                       Bm                 Em
asleep in the rain by your door
                    A                                       Amj7
and in my hand was a note I can't explain what I wrote
                     D                  F#m                    Bm             D
or why the words that you read  should be something I said
     C                 G       D    
a thousand pages before

when I wanted to learn and you taught me
you told me to write so I wrote
page after page I poured out my rage
in each line in each verse  and each kiss and each curse
can be read in the rhymes that I wrote

now it's cold and i'm tired and i'm lonely
there's no sleep to be found like before
i go out in the night just to sit there and write
the words that you see and I think there must be
a thousand pages or more

D                     c      b        Am
and I’m lost - lost like i'm blind
                              Bm                             G          A
and she's not the kind of girl who will guide you
            D                            c      b        Am
you’re trapped and the key is your mind
                          Bm                        G          A  >  C  > D c b a
that’s when you find  she's turned it for ever

solo verse sequence

so I drank till the bottle was empty
and the pages all strewn on the floor
but the words still remain as if engraved on my brain
was each line and each verse and each kiss and each curse
i wrote a thousand pages before
i wrote a thousand pages before
i wrote a thousand pages before
i wrote a thousand pages or more