Priorité à Gauche

nessun alle scimmie
Wednesday 31(not) Oct
& Thursday 1 November 2007

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348 688 1626

ok so maybe it wasn't such a great idea to do a show on Halloween night
but then it proved to be an even less illuminating idea to have one on all saints night too.
At least the 3 girls from Barnsley who came on thursday were treated to a unique mini-spectacle that ended up in the Pusterla over wine, g & t's, corona and peanuts.
Sort of a last supper.

Thanks Liz, Justin, Arnold & Andy

Justin & Andy


Bienvenue to the madhouse. The ancient art of franglais gets a new lease of life on Priorité à Gauche, a wry spoof of all things gallic…Taking their cue from all-time greats such as Johnny Hallyday, the pair pose as Jean-François and Didier, two pop celebrities from the other end of the Channel Tunnel. Naturellement, we are not so familiar with their oeuvre, but that does not deter them from serenading us with greatest hits, which include some painfully funny Parisian rap…Jean-François and Didier are, as they like to remind us, very much 'dans la maison'.


... a pair of spoof try-hard Parisians, who delight in linguistic faux pas... It's lovely stuff, yet so much more than just glib Frog-bashing... Add to all this the duo's exceptionally relaxed, good-natured stage presence and you have one of the most engaging, thought-provoking nights out on this year's Fringe. (Mark Monahan) 'Without doubt the find of the Fringe so far, a glorious hour of cod Europop and cross-Channel misunderstandings' (Fiona Mountfield)


The act is nicely observed; the whole routine, with its Gallic shrugs, over-pronounced vowels and casual French badinage, is endearingly funny. (Sally Chatterton)