Lee Mack

BAFTA Award Winner, British Comedy & Perrier Award Nominee
2001 Time Out Best Live Comedy Award Winner
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Wed 2 & Thu 3 February 2005

"A gifted comedy natural, Mack seems to get a kick from being silly. It's an attractive attitude, similar to Eric Morecambe's playfulness, that always wins through.
It's not a case of personality over substance, though, as even Mack's silliest puns and visual gags have clearly been extremely well thought-out. They're so polished they cannot fail to hit home, but delivered with a deft lightness of touch that catches you out.
He's hit the telly big time*, so see him now if you can. He's going to be a star."

*February could be the biggest month in Lee’s career
not only does he get to play Paris & Milan
but he makes his network TV debut in the States, courtesy of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.
He was the only one of the original British cast to be signed when Fox snapped up
ITV’s The Sketch Show for its own schedules !!!

“If it’s a barrel of belly laughs and achy jaw muscles you’re after, Mack cuts to the funny bone like a knife.”

“Highly affable delivery and fine comic mind... A well hidden secret that deserves to be made public.”
Melody Maker

“Boundless energy, crackling improv creativity knife-sharp material and nonosecond timing...
a masterclass in pure comedy.” The List

“You won’t be disappointed. Genius.” OK! Mag

“I was knocked out by Mack’s talent.” The Express

“Effortlessly funny.” TheTimes

read the interview from the Sunday Times