Laughing Matters presented from Glasgow
Phil Kay

Two nights!!
wednesday 22 & thursday 23 september 2004

Here he comes, the first and finest Scottish comedian to perform in Milano. Phil (very special) Kay !
I've been saving him because I could think of no-one else under the sun, moon or any of the available planets who should be the first "north of the borderer" to walk out on the stage of the Scimmie !

Mind blowing free-form hilarity. Kay's comedy is a unique blend of anarchic energy, jokes, improvisation and Olympic leaps of imagination that leave an audience dazzled and helpless with laughter at the same time. He possesses that rare gift of making an audience feel like they're kids again and an active part of his practical jokes. To go to Phil's shows and expect stand-up would be a big mistake anything can happen and invariably does. On Channel 4's 'Big Snog', Phil was to be found leaping in to the audience on top of a surf board and riding the Mexican Wave to the back of the studio. What other comedian would do that - and get away with it?

Just don't lend him your bicycle ! Or your gondola for that matter

Valentina, Marco et Phil