laughing matters presented
after an Englishman and an American
the first Canadian comedian to perform in Italy

Mike Wilmot

"Mike Wilmot is the uncle you've always been afraid to invite to the party. Miss him at your own peril."
Rich Hall

Sunday 16 & Monday 17 November 2003

Alias Wilmot & Jones
Ronnie Jones & Mike Wilmot

Ronnie Jones & KJB who first met in 1966

Mike Wilmott
2003: Winner of the Barry award at the Melbourne comedy festival.
2002: Time Out award winner

"Leaves the audience in a state of hilarity that most comedians can only dream of." The Sunday Times

"He sweats; he shambles; he swears. You'll cough, choke and chortle." The Glasgow Herald

"At times raucous, offensive and downright crude... this was a most entertaining experience." The Scotsman

"Like any fine comedian, he exudes intelligence and sweat in equal measures, Wilmot can give any other stand-up alive lessons in the power of laughter to free us from the shackles of embarrassment." Time Out

"The 38 year-old Canadian is a natural raconteur, dispensing with a watch, 'preferring to use beer as a clock' ...
he's effortlessly funny." The Independent

"Canada's answer to Bill Hicks....he's politically and anatomically incorrect. But damn if he ain't funny." Metro

"I felt like my mind was being de-flowered by a cynical ageing imp,
yet, disturbingly, this was a most entertaining experience.." 3 Weeks