Laughing Matters Presented The Return Of
Reginald D Hunter

8 February 2006

Laughing Matters Presented
a mystery wrapped in a Nigga

Reginald D Hunter

Triple Perrier Nominee
(but that's not what he has in the glass)

sunday 21 november 2004

Originally from the Deep South of the USA, and now one of the North West's favourite comics. Perrier Award nominee 2003, Reg is one of the good guys of comedy.
A hypnotic, smooth-talking, very human comedian who hits your funny bone
with tales of love, hate, death and all that is in between.

“The coolest man in comedy, he’s got the natural charisma and stage presence that
most comics can only envy. His material is spellbinding.” Chortle

“Shockingly good. He is shocking and he is good.” “The Herald

“Flagrantly misogynist and enforcing racial stereotypes of black people.” The Times

“It’s sometimes hard to fathom that what he is saying could be construed as controversial.
Even-handed but provocative.” The Independent

“Passion and intelligence a potent combination.” The Telegraph

“The most compelling comedy show I have seen in years, profound and hilarious.”
Financial Times

“Masterful and important.” Sunday Times

“Pure gold... the perfect set.” Guardian.

“Like his hero Richard Pryor, Reginald D Hunter is a man on a comedy mission.
Hugely talented and with an unerring sense of finding the right time to hit his audience with a punch line, this man will break through your social barriers with a humour.” The Scotsman