Laughing Matters presents the first ever double bill
not only

John Oliver
but also
Russell Howard
which was probably not such a clever idea on
sunday 17 october 2004

because the show went on for rather a long time and by the time
Russell was off and John Oliver was on stage the natives had entered
and were in the mood for jazz not incomprehensible politicised comedy.

“John Oliver is a comedic craftsman, taking sometimes unpromising
raw materials to create a thing of art.
He does it all with an underplayed intelligence...
An impressive display of smart stand-up.”

“Wildly funny”
The Daily Telegraph

“Strikingly cynical think tank satire”
The Times

“One of the finest young stand-ups on the circuit”
Time Out

“Russell Howard is an effusive ball of energy, lights up the stage with his childlike enthusiasm. His joie de vivre proves infectious, and he’s willing to lark about, which gives his act a welcome air of spontaneity. ”

“A natural”
Time Out

“A complete natural”

“An adorable talent…quick witted, flippant and very funny”
Three Weeks