Change of date !!
We managed not to
miss our flight this time

Karel Beer's Laughing Matters in Milano finally presents from Australia
2004 Time Out Comedy Award Winner
Julia Morris

on Via Broletto

finally on
tuesday 18 may 2004

we missed the flight out of Paris for the planned monday 10th may show
but managed to book tickets and fly in a week later to accomplish the mission.

The weather was magnificent.

Lady Julia Morris is “breathless, glamorous, camp, snobby, self deprecating, gossipy,
fast-paced, surprisingly barbed yet subtle with a stream of energy and a delivery so relentless
that you beg her to inhale, so rich with potential catchphrases you struggle to take them all in
It holds the audience, who can't afford to lose concentration for a split second
for fear of missing something great”.

Morris turned her back on a lucrative 10-year award winning comedy career in Australian television and headed for London in 2000.
Since that move she has supported Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Mark Curry, Rich Hall, and appeared on over 37 UK television shows...
including Paul Whitehouse's sitcom Happiness, Stephen Fry's Q.I. and Liquid News.

What the papers say

“One long, blue, naughty, unrelenting paragraph, with punchlines flipped
over the shoulder with a lift of a Jimmy Choo... if you’ve even the smallest funny bone
it will spill you out into the night with a stubborn grin. I’m still laughing.”
The Scotsman

“Goes walkabout on her gravity-defying heels, the sheer momentum of the star’s personality
makes the hour and a half fly by far too fast.”
Evening Standard

“ A natural performer, her Gatling gun delivery spitting out universally
cracking lines with barely a pause or a flat moment.”
The Fest

“Wonderful, hilarious and unmissable living proof that audacity
and irreverent effervescence are life skills.”
The Scotsman

“The super-sexy diva of comedy is deeply, fundamentally FUNNY.”

“She packs more material into her show than should be physically possible.”
The List

“When Julia is in full verbal flow on a stage, it’s as though Joan Rivers, Germaine Greer and Betty Boop
are all living inside the same body. Phew, she’s a scorcher.”
The Herald

Missing the original flight worked out quite well for Julia and boyfriend