Welcome to Karel Beer's "Laughing Matters in Milano"
Starting in 2003 we presented stand-up comedy in English
with most of the big names from England, America, Australia (etc.) at the
how it happened

Via Ascanio Sforza 49 Milan

The Scimmie was a great venue and I had had the pleasure of bringing most of my favorite stand-up comedians to perform there. It all began with Ross Noble in 2003 and before long the likes of Ardal O'Hanlon, Rich Hall, Dylan Moran, Jimeoin, Tommy Tiernan, Adam Hills and Ed Byrne had made the trip to the bank of the Naviglio Pavese.
Take a look in the archives, the list of performers is pretty impressive and there are even some video clips from the shows.
The amount of fun we had was perhaps disproportionate to the size of the audiences which by 2007 were averaging only 30 laughter hungry souls each night. Of course an average of 30 meant that some nights we had 60 or more and others less than 20. Michael McIntyre and Russell Howard, who have both gone on to be massive comedy stars in the UK, performed for less than a handful of people. What the audiences didn't have in quantity they made up for in enthusiasm, but come November 2007 when only three girls from Barnsley came to see Priorité à Gauche it was clear that we were dealing with diminishing returns and it was going to be necessary to put the comedy on hold until it was possible to attract a larger and more regular audience.
If you have any thoughts on the matter or ideas of how to get a milanese comedy crew together
send me an email click here
and remember the more of you who get on my email list the more chance there is of bringing the laughter back to Milano.



and grazie Sergio and David and all the staff at the Scimmie
for 5 great years

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