some of the queasy riders

Brendon Burns is on the left


Sarah Kendall's from a long line of bikers

Lucy Porter kept her head

Gordon Southern states his case

Addy rather a van than a scooter der Borgh


Michael McIntyre


Reginald D Hunter


Lord Carrett


Tifft Merritt (not going anywhere yet)


Panama Red


Colin Murphy


Shazia Mirza




David O'Doherty


Dan Antopolski

Craig Hill

Ardal O'Helmet

Corey Harris
helmets and dreads don't mix

Dwigh Slade

Darden Smith

Eddie Brill

Kim Richey

Brendan Burns

Daniel Kitson

Dominic Holland

Julia Morris & Jackie Clune
but not at the same time

Patrick Monahan
Shazia would come later


Robyn Hitchcock

Kelly Joe Phelps