in 2004
laughing and music mattered in paris & milano
the year in review

january 13
Danny Bhoy
tries to defigure out Daniel Kitson

bhoy meets girl

january 27
Daniel Kitson
he's got the balls

ca pass ou ca cass
thank you steve you can have your ball back now

baby it's cold outside

Heather, KJB, Fran, Dan & Chrys

february 3
Joe Henry
Steve Tallis, Joe, Jay Bellerose, Barbara Condos

february 8
Tati Mouzo
renews & restocks the never ending exposition
rene miller's got the picture

february 10
Greg Proops

age before beauties

february 16
Erin McKeown & Rene Miller

february 23
Glenn Wool
gets a little Tati

I think this wine's corked !

march 3
Ardal O'Hanlon
goes to extreme lengths to extract a drink and a sandwich from James

are you sure we bought the right one ?

ardal o'helmet

march 15
Janis Ian
Olive, Heather, Amber & co

Janis & James (it's a long story)

march 23
Jennifer Terran
put's the wind up Corey Harris

something's kicking

Olive has one already, it's at home

congratulations Jennifer
Tati Mouzo
has one too - a high maintenance portable model

march 24
Corey Harris
helmets and dreads don't mix

neither does champagne and vittel in la Grappe d'Orgeuil

jamil (juju chil') williams, andy j forest & corey get ready to ride the magic bus

march 30
Dylan Moran
mutual admiration
black books meets Leviathan

John Greaves is not impressed,
unlike Pip Pyle, standing next to Peter Blegvad
could it be musical differences ?

meanwhile saxophonist elton dean sends an emailto old soul master ronnie jones in milan

that's ronnie in the red shirt with mike wilmot in 2003

april 6
Dwight Slade
living dangerously in paris and Milano
he brought the family for protection

karel brought the wheels

Paul Bandey bought the CD

april 7
Paul Tiernan
sits this one out in la Java

Paul, JP, Renaud Pion & freinds

stalking the dog

Paul slayed Dwight, Dwight bought a CD

april 18
Terry & Bukka Allen
if only my son could keep his hands on his passport

as well as I can keep mine off the promoter

april 27
Caitlin Cary
Bobby Memphis, Caitlin & Karel

Comedian Tom Rhodes & Catlin keep their chins up

Tom keeps up appearances

may 11
Julia Morris
heather, sal bernardi & julia
like the van the crutch is rented

may 18
we missed the flight to Milano & by the time we got there a week later
there had been a change in the weather

and her entourage !

may 30
Clive Gregson
with Clare Muldaur & Olivier Manchon

june 8
Simon Munnery
in town & the audience tonight
melanie horsnell, josh rouse, tim keegan & simon

mini munnery gets ready for a knees up

didn't we take this picture in november ?

june 15
Josh Rouse
delphine annothe's not as naïve as she looks

keeping the audience satisfied

june 20
Neal Casal
& friends

sal bernardi, neal casal, michel pamplune, melanie horsnell & gary louris
ken stringfellow had duties elsewhere

same sandwich different filling

neil & melanie in the gallery

june 28
Darden Smith
tries to figure out how he ended up getting an office job ?

june 29
we couldn't get served in the hotel Raphael but had better luck in Pigalle

kjb, darden, randy weeks & ramsey midwood
prepare to help steve winwood keep on running in la Cigale
after sitting in at the Gallery with darden the previous night

july 4
Eddie Brill
a night of independence in paris
holds court in the gallery

new york paris hawaii and a crown to boot

july 7
Erin McKeown & Ken Emerson
claude langlois & ken work out how to play those things

july 12
Jolie Holland
sorry no shots

august 19
Greg Proops
and the one armed bandit

skull duggery in the gallery

august 29
Paul Kelly
paul and dan kelly pretending things are acoustic

august 30
Chris Whitley
has anyone seen my rider ?

echos of the velvet underground

september 7
has a meat in his rider

emmeline, jim & ? (answers please on psotcard)

lot of sheilas in paris

september 9
and in milano

one for the road

maybe they left one behind ?

september 21
Phil Kay
practices his patented life saving technique
prior to copulating in a gondola in venice

september 23
valentina, marco & phil in milano

september 24
Jack Tempchin
a peaceful easy evening

october 3
Peter Searles
hey we didn't get any pictures
see the video

click on the camera

october 5
Jesse Malin & Tommy Stinson

olive & tommy (birthday boy) stinson

they arrived late and jesse left early

october 7
Isabelle Galhaut
exposition millefiori
the artist in search of inspiration

trying not to lose her tempera whilst finding her way out of the maïs

october 9
Rex Foster & Kerry Getz
rex promised to give kerry a ring

kerry gives rex the finger

rex thinks maybe a necklace would be more fitting

rex fosters kerry & kerry gets karel

october 12
Nick Harper & Melanie Horsnell

melanie, kjb & kerry

sal bernardi's back

october 15
Andy White & Allison Russell

don't let an old haggis come between us

october 17
John Oliver & Russell Howard
munching in milano with margrethe after a noisy encounter with the locals

john promises to buy russell a watch to wear on that wrist

Paris october 18
two russells an oliver and an andy
within 24 hours they will have all done shows in the sound gallery

october 19
we see his back in la Java

mixing business with pleasure

october 31
Carey Marx
tries to get on a roll (or two)

marx a few points with kim richey

november 1
Kim Richey
tim keegan keeps harping on

the keys to hypnotise the highway

november 16
Boo Hewerdine & Al Rose

could this be hair that i'm feeling?

november 21
Reginald D Hunter
the hunter gets his game in milano

david (signor scimmie) israel & reg

november 22
darden smith & reginald d. hunter compare stripes

those posters are everywhere we take a photo
next stop thanksgiving in Atlanta

november 28
Arthur Smith
& friends
he's brian to the close ones

these are the kind of brithday cards he really likes

november 30
Willard Grant Conspiracy
could this be more hair that i'm feeling ?

december 8
Hayden & Toby Burke

how to encourage the merchandising staff

leslie charbon see no Hayden hear no mix

that's a lot of truck for one small piano, just as well he used it !

december 15
Ukulele Club de Paris
aloha noel

jean-hughes bringing up the rear - mixing blind
see you next year
t>jean-hughes bringing up the rear - mixing blind

see you next year