in concert
Mary Gauthier

photo Senor McGuire
monday 18 april 2005
La Java

new album
"Mercy Now"
Lost Highway

"...this late-blooming Louisiana singer-songwriter brings dignity, a degree of muscle and the measured view of a survivor to her tales of working class life."
(Five Stars) - Irish Times

"...this weathered country singer and storyteller unfurls one lovely narrative after another, chronicling a merciless world in which it's always a little bit too late to change your mind." New York Times

"…provocative songs that have a weary, wise edge. Her voice is slow and meandering; a rich smoky concoction that fits perfectly with the seductive, darkly nourish lyrics."
Chicago Sun Times (3 Stars)
"…her songs are as one with her personal history as those of
Billy Joe Shaver or Steve Earle."
Nashville Scene
"Her bayou laments are sparse and simple, but her artistry is pure and absolute."
"Has distilled the bitter aftertaste of the booze and drugs and bad relationships
that long ruled her life into the in tense and haunting "
US News & World Report

"Mercy Now is a truly extraordinary album from a critically acclaimed singer."
Vanity Fair

sunday 11th may 2003
Mary Gauthier

Espace Jemmapes

116, quai de Jemmapes
special guest
John Lester

For the 2nd time this year
Acoustic Music Matters in Paris
Mary Gauthier

In concert at

special guest
Michael Weston King
Sunday 5 & Monday 6 May

set list may 2002
I Drink - Camelot Intro - Camelot Motel - Christmas In Paradise
I Walk Through The Fire - Tom Boy - Goodbye Could Have Been My Family Name
Long Way To Fall - Mercy in the Sky - Evangeline
Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars*
Sugar Cane* - Drag Queens in Limousines
Mama Louisiana
This Land Is Your Land*
The Last Time
* with Catie Curtis

The first show ever for Mary was on sunday 27 January 2002

she loved it and this is what she has to say about her introduction to Paris*

Paris was nuts, just like I thought it would be. I loved it! I got there from Vienna around 1pm, the promoter Karel Beer, picked me up at the airport, and when I got to the hotel I had about an hour to get a quick salad before the interviews and the photo shoots started. Those did not end until ten minutes before show time. I literally went to the show with minutes to spare, did a very quick sound check, and was on stage, doing what I do. The show was very sold out. It was amazing, really. My first time in Paris, my first show there ever, and the place was jammed. I mean jammed, and the room was quite warm due to the body heat, stage lights and cigarette smoke. I felt amazed.

As I started to play the first song, I told the people they might have to forgive my amazement, it was just a bit exciting for me to be in Paris with a sold out show, important journalists in the audience, and no time to think. I have heard from other musicians that Paris is a very, very difficult market to break into with the kind of music that I do. They said the French are not known for their love of offbeat country music. So I am trying to adjust that idea to what's happening in front of my eyes. I am the headliner again, and it's going very, very well. As I looked out under the bright stage lights, and saw the packed room full of Parisians drinking beers and smoking cigarettes and smiling at my amazement, I knew that there is no better job on earth for me right now. And I fell in love with this whole process all over again. This job is nothing less than a blessing, and I know that I am one of the lucky ones, doing what I love, and experiencing the love of my work while I am in the middle of doing it. There is such joy in being in love with my work. I feel exhausted, excited and full of wonder. And I am ready to adjust to whatever's next. I know one thing for sure, whatever's next will be different from this amazing night in Paris. In this business, it is different every night. I will adjust to the next set of circumstances whatever they may be, because I've come to understand that this is the nature of my job. Constant change, and constant adjustment. It is a very, very good job, if you can accept perpetual uncertainty and deal with thousands of variables that you cannot control.

For now, I can't imagine doing anything else.

*visit Mary's website for more on the road recounting

"Lord knows how many dead dogs she's had, but at a glance, Mary Gauthier's background qualifies her for country diva status, if the smoky, been-there voice and credible songs (accompanied by acoustic guitar and skillful sesson band including cowboy male choir) already didn't. Her second album deserves the accolades her US debut received. Memorable and engaging." Sylvie Simmons, MOJO

Americana Album of the Month - July 2001

set list january 2002
Camelot Hotel - I Drink - Christmas - Different Love - HIV - Goodbye
Grag Queens - Ways - After You're Gone - Long Way To Fall
Karla Fay - Our Lady - Got No Home - Evangeline
Mama LA - Cold Cold World - For Rex

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