Acoustic Music Matters in Paris presented
The Handsome Family

In Concert and eating spaghetti
playing cat and mouse with the neighbour upstaires and the police

Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 May 2001

What the press says

Set List Monday Partial
The Woman Downstairs
So Much Wine
Lake Geneva
Up Falling Rock Hill
Banks of the Ohio
So Long
I Know You Are There
My Beautiful Bride
The Dutchboy
mommy and daddy don't cry
Don't Be Scared
When the Helicopter Comes

Set list tuesday
1/ Intro
2/ The Woman Downstairs
3/ So Much Wine
4/ snap
5/ Drunk By Noon
6/ Weightless Again
7/ The Giant of Illinois

8/ Tin Foil
9/ Cathedrals
10/ My Sister's Tiny Hands
11/ Arlene
12/ A Beautiful Thing

13/ The Dutch Boy
14/ The Sad Milkman
15/ My Ghost
16/ Lake Geneva
17/ No One Fell Asleep Alone spiders –
18/ Up Falling Rock Hill
19/ So Long Djerbals ?
20/ Moving Furniture Around
21/ Paul
22/ Banks of The Ohio
23/ Hellicopter
24/ Birds