The Second Sunday Brunch

Sunday 14th May 13-30 onwards


The Howard Fishman Quartet

Howard Fishman, guitar/vocals, Peter Eckland cornet, Russell Farhang violin, Jonathan Flaugher contrabass.

"Currents of late-1920's and early-30's swing, adding flavours that include early bluegrass and extend back into the 19th century….tautly infectious wonderfully refined jazz chanmber music. New York Times

OK so their names may not be all that easy to pronounce but their music is effortless to enjoy.

These are the guys who make Sardi's swing and keep The Algonquin Hotel guests out of those expensive beds until the wee hours. Consummate New York musicians who play in eclectic modes that will be most appropriate for the revival of the landmark monthly brunches organised in the early '90s over the canal at the Opus Café. It'll be bagels and cream cheese, coffee and Bloody Mary's, pastrami and lox interspersed with sets by guests present in our midst. Anything could happen but we'll try not to burn the toast.

Anticipate the unexpected and you won't be disappointed. Turn up if you want but play it safe and book a table, there is no cover charge just the price of the brunches or the drinks. If this works we'll make it a regular monthly event.