Eric Taylor
1949 - 2020

In Concert
Aux Étoiles

Tuesday 8 October 2002

Set List
Delia/Bad News from Heavens * Walkin' back Home * Prison Movie
In a Life * Where I lead Me * Dean Moriarty * Hemingway's Shotgun
Two Fires (with Jelle Douma) * Nothin'

"My homeboy Gurf came out to California from Texas in '81,
raving about two texas songwriters: Townes Van Zandt & Eric Taylor...
Eric's first album became sort of a Grail for songwriters at that time...
He's an inspirational figure, & continues to write & sing Canciones Grandes."
Peter Case

"Eric Taylor, I love him, man, he's great" Bob Neuwirth

"A great man and fine songwriter." Michael Weston King

"I bought all of his cd's after the last show, it blew me away...
I even gave a copy to my German girlfriend & asked for it back when she left"

Bobby (average Joe) Tonge

eric's site

Acoustic Music Matters in Paris Prsented
Eric Taylor

in concert with
Mister Jones

Monday 22 & Tuesday 23 October 2001

Set lists of sorts


I shall be released
solid ground
in a light
Hemmingway's Shotgun
My father is disturbed

So Much Like Me
Hemingway's Shotgun
Dean Moriarty
Solid Ground
In A Light
Where I Lead Me
Chicken Pie
Bread & Wine
Two Fires
Delia - Bad News

One of the most influential songwriters to ever come out of the state of Texas.
Over the years he has had a profound influence on the evolution and developmen
of artists such as Nancy Griffith and Lyle Lovett..... who says

"I'm always the opening act when I'm around Eric. I love his voice, and he has a great narrative quality and sense of detail. It's good writing, no matter how you cut it, like Springsteen on Nebraska."
Lyle Lovett

"It should be said that not only is Eric Taylor a Brahma songwriter, he is also a stunning acoustic guitar player. Mostly in a D tuning, he finger picks his way into your psyche. With a fine sense of time he creates clouds of tumbling dischords and riffs I can only ever dream of forming."
Iain Matthews



photo Herve Oudet
paintings Isabelle Galhaut