from North Carolina via Wiskytown
Caitlin Cary

in concert
with Robert Lee Jordan (Bobby Memphis)

tuesday 27 april 2004
La Java
105, rue du fg du Temple Paris 10

During college, Cary picked up the violin and after graduation, she dabbled in music while living in Houston and Richmond. She followed her writing muse, entering North Carolina State's Graduate Program in Creative Writing. It was while in Raleigh that Cary's life-plan was inexorably altered. A young rock musician named Ryan Adams was starting a band and looking for a violin player. A mutual acquaintance mentioned Cary. “I got a call just out of the blue and it was Ryan saying ‘I'm doing this band. We love Uncle Tupelo and we're practicing tomorrow, can you come over?'” Cary, who had only a passing familiarity with Uncle Tupelo, decided to check it out.
“It was just a really strange confluence of events that made Whiskeytown a ‘thing' rather than a local band that played on weekends. We just hit on something at the right time.” For the next several years, Cary served as the serene presence next to Adams' rambunctious antics. “I really didn't know what I was getting into and at every phase I kept feeling a sense of unreality and thinking ‘What the hell am I doing here?'”

That sense of unreality has dissipated as Cary has ventured out on her own and found her music striking a responsive chord with music fans, critics and fellow performers. Cary finds it very “flattering that so many people really seemed to like the (first) record.” One person who really enjoyed the album was country music star Mary Chapin who is one of the many guests, new and old, who grace "I'm Staying Out." Mitch Easter and Thad Cockrell (co-writer of the classic country tear-jerker “Please Break My Heart”) make return appearances, while Black Crowes guitarist Audley Freed, cellist Jane Scarpantoni and NC music icon Don Dixon number among the other first timers.
I'm Staying Out brims with a confidence that comes not only from a musician
who has a solo album and tour experiences under her belt,
but also from an artist fully discovering her talents and place in the music world. “
When she's off the road, Cary greatly values her time at home in Raleigh with her husband (and former Whiskeytown drummer) Skillet Gilmore and their two dogs.