Laughing Matters in Paris
presented for the 7th time
an absudly true original
Tony Law

Wednesday 7June 2023
11, rue des Canettes Paris 6

after the tartar the haha show

a job absurdly well dungeoned

Laughing Matters in Paris was proud to welcome back
the time traveling canadial who once again packed the house

Tony Law

Wednesday 6 April 2022
11, rue des Canettes Paris 6

"please be forewarned that slapping either the act or the host
will be considered inappropriate behaviour
and the slapper be put back in his or her place*

another job well dungeoned chez Georges

law in the bin\

jibes and jabs post pandemic in paris


Laughing Matters Presented
with considerable trepidation
A Comedic Genius
The Time Traveling River Robbing
Uber-King Of Post-Modern Nonsense

Tony Law

Wednesday 4th December 2019
all and more of his identitease
19 rue de Lappe Paris 11

Tony's Nuggets of Truth

"Submit to his will and you will, indeed be transported to odd places
in what seems like a chaotic stream of consciousness..."
Chortle 2019

"Takes post-modern stand-up to a dangerously funny new level"
The Guardian

"Chaos has rarely been so finely constructed and this much fun"
The Times

Laughing Matters Presented
The King Of Post-Modern Nonsense

Tony Law

Tuesday 5th December 2017
Absurdity For The Common People In
La Chapelle des Lombards
19 rue de Lappe Paris 11
metro Bastille

"Takes post-modern stand-up to a dangerously funny new level"
The Guardian

"Chaos has rarely been so finely constructed and this much fun"
The Times

Tony is half Canadian and 50% Tinidadanian and 100% qualified for a show in Paris,
a city where he was once (briefly) a tour guide.
Not that he knew anything about either the French capital or it's culture.
The seat of his pants have had a sheen ever since despite spending most
of his professional time standing in front of a microphone keeping an audience in hysterics
thanks to his wacky acid casualty, off beat delivery.

"delivers the kind of deliciously demented stream of consciousness you might get if you put
Harry Hill and Sean Lock in a blender.
So Brilliant I saw him twice"

Bruce Desau Evening Standard

"playful, mischievous, mercurial and infinitely lively...
believe me: seldom, if ever, will you have laughed so much."
Mark Monahon The Telegraph

"this show is so brilliant I fear I'll run out of superlatives for it before I finish, but - in my case at least - the cheek-and-stomach ache induced by laughing at Law's comedy does make the line completely true, if rather recklessly misleading. But then, in going for the dangerous option I am only following Law's own lead.
Anna Lowman Comedy.co.uk

"Tony Law is the Sherpa of stand-ups,
leads an expedition to undiscovered alpine uplands of laughter"
so says Stewart Lee (and he should know)

likes dogs

Law in London with KJB

photo Nina Conti

Tony Law
A private show in the Sound Gallery
Friday 8th February 2013

Laughing Matters Presented 5 star comedy
(well occasionally 4) courtesy of a
2012 Edinburgh Festival
Foster's Comedy Award Nominee

Tony Law
maximum nonsense & brilliant banter in

105, Faubourg du Temple Paris 10
Tuesday 9 October 2012



Laughing Matters Ordered
Tony Law

laying down ton's law
Tuesday 24th March 2009

a cracking show from an ex-tour guide who was unaware that there was a time difference
between london and paris. when he was supposed to be on stage he was in his underpants in his hotel room.
15 minutes later he was under the spotlight where he stayed for the best part of 2 hours.
Tony Law laid it right down

Tony law time travels