Laughing Matters Presented
Out of The Whirlwind
& Into Paris

Tommy Tiernan

Friday 5th February 2016

Tommy Tiernan:  Out of the Whirlwind

Hot on the heels of Tommy’s critically acclaimed 2015 UK tour and a sold out London residency,
Irish legend TOMMY TIERNAN is now bringing his new highly acclaimed stand up show

TOMMY TIERNAN:OUT OF THE WHIRLWIND is literally a whirlwind of TOMMY’S thoughts and observations.
Its material that polarizes the every-day ‘nonsenses’ of life that surrounds us all.

To see TIERNAN live is a rare treat, as his stories unfold and themes are elaborated,
his performances mesmerise in a way that is joyful, uplifting,
inspirational and most importantly breathtakingly funny. 

"Watching Tommy Tiernan perform is like seeing a piece of physical theatre
from an angry priest…full of delightful and compelling imagery”

“Never less than mesmerizing… mind-bendingly funny”

“Bright, original and refreshingly funny”

" Not many comedians generate a sense of danger,
or devilment, quite like Tommy Tiernan.”

Laughing Matters Presented
Tommy Tiernan

Saturday 5th April 2014


We are delighted to announce that the Irish super star stand-up comedian TOMMY TIERNAN is to tour Europe during March and April 2014 and will be making a return visit to Paris. (His fourth)

A legend in Ireland, TOMMY outsells any other Irish comic. His record-breaking ticket sales extend across the world, including the UK, USA and Canada. Currently performing a sold-out tour of Australia and
New Zealand – which includes two performances at The Sydney Opera House – TOMMY will return to The Soho Theatre in London’s West End during January and February 2014 before embarking on his
European dates.

TIERNAN’S mastery of stand-up allows him to take risks other comedians dare not. Through hilarious story telling and a high energy, non-apologetic delivery he is continually challenging his audience who
can be confident they are in safe hands. To see TIERNAN live is a rare treat, as his stories unfold and themes are elaborated his performance mesmerises as his lyrical way with words make you laugh
harder than you’d ever believe possible.

"Joyful, uplifting, inspirational and breathtakingly funny,
"Has a comic ferocity resembling that of Billy Connolly"

“Bright, original and refreshingly funny”

"Tiernan confirms how good traditional stand-up can be”

Tommy Tiernan
rose to the comedy challenge on Ascension Day and forgot to sign a chair

One night two shows !!!
Thursday 25 May 2006

La Java

Perrier Award winning Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan returns to Paris
after his outstanding performance at the Hotel du Nord in 1998 & 2001.

When Tommy phones up to ask if he can do a show in Paris you don't say no, even if only a couple of weeks before there is another Irish superstar, Ardal O'Hanlon, appearing atlLa Java. Well that's the price you pay when you nook the acts at the last minute. Just when you are wondering who could be available on Ascension day, the phone rings and out tumbles comedy mannah from heaven !
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Tommy Tiernan

Sunday 15, Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 July 2001

Tommy & Bugsy's Dermot

Award winning Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan returns to Paris after his outstanding performance at the New York Irish Comedy Festival. Tommy made a huge name for himself by winning the 1998 British Comedy Award and the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in 1998 which led to appearances in a series of Movies including; "The Matchmaker" in which he co-starred with Denis Leary and Janine Garofolo.

At present, Tommy is following his acclaimed B.B.C. Comedy Special with a sell-out British tour and will be co-starring with Hollywood's golden girl, Kate Hudson, in the upcoming movie," All About Adam".

Tiernan's act takes us on a journey filled with off-beat twists, hysterical stories and brilliant one-liners. Whether vividly reliving childhood memories or sharing his acute observations of the world at large, his unique mixture of honesty and originality guarantees that there is no other performer like him.

"Tiernan has emerged as the show's breakout star…can the Tommy Tiernan hour be far behind?" - The New York Irish Echo

"He...has a comic ferocity resembling that of Billy Connolly.." - The Times

"A series of striking stories, splendidly told and continually adapted in the telling. A show anyone interested in stand-up ought to see" - Time Out

"He has a charm that could sooth a bank manager. Tommy Tiernan. Remember that name." - The Scottish Express

"Made me laugh more than any other comedian….taking stand-up to a higher level" - The Daily Telegraph

"He is so talented…has everything going for him…" - The Express

"Truly uncompromising, virtuoso stuff " Manchester Online

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here in 1998 too