On Wednesday 7th December 2022
there was yet another of Karel's shambolic shows
(the 7th - not counting Milano)

Shazia Mirza

cracked her
and had her escargots, shopped for slacks, garlic
and tracked down une tarte tropezienne before performing

11, rue des Canettes Paris 6

****Shazia Mirza made her name in comedy with an audacious, topical joke shortly after 9/11: “My name is Shazia Mirza – at least, that’s what it says on my pilot’s licence.” Two decades on she is still a fearless comedian and deserves to be famous for much more than that one-liner.

Perhaps her new show Coconut will help her push through to the next level. The Muslim ex-teacher explains in her trademark deadpan style that due to frequent rescheduling she has rewritten her set about 11 times. The hard work has been worth it though. This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece about identity peppered with winning gags.

Her own identity is certainly evolving. Mirza once performed in a burka, now she is in glam black blouse and trousers. She has always been good at finding the humour in her strict Birmingham upbringing and Covid has given her a fresh perspective on her childhood. Lockdown was a doddle, she was used to not being allowed out.

At the centre of Coconut is an anecdote about appearing on Bear Grylls’ TV show The Island. Her reflections on taking part are funny and illuminating. Was she approached to tick diversity boxes? How would the middle class, white male competitors cope away from their cosy privileged lives at home?
Bruce Dessau Evening Standard

Mirza managed to tiptoe on the tightrope of a line between
humour and hatred rather fearlessly
Shock-factor themes surrounding masturbation, religion,
adultery, polygamy and sexism were blended together
to form a whirlwind of destruction
Redbrick Birmingham

the last job well dungeoned of the year

Laughing Matters In Paris
Presents for the Sixth Time

Shazia Mirza

Wednesday 21st November 2018
La Chapelle
19, rue de Lappe Paris 11

Shazia’s TV work includes; ‘The One Show’ (BBC1), ‘Celebs In Solitary’ (Channel 5), ‘Travel Man – 48 Hours In...’ (Channel 4), ‘Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls’ (Channel 4), The Jonathan Ross Show (ITV), Loose Women (ITV), Top Gear (BBC), The Late Late Show (RTE), Have I got News for You (BBC), 60 Minutes (CBS), Last Comic Standing (NBC) and she is a regular panellist on ‘Jeremy Vine’ (Chanel 5). Radio Appearances include; Graham Norton Show (BBC), ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’ (BBC), The Craig Ferguson Show (SiriusXM), The Now Show, (BBC), Arthur Smith’s Comedy Club (BBC), Saturday Live, (BBC), Midweek, (BBC), Woman’s Hour, (BBC), With Great Pleasure, (BBC), Between Ourselves (BBC), A Good Read (BBC), Vanessa Feltz Show- Pause For Thought (BBC), The Frank Skinner Show and Absolute Radio. Shazia Mirza is an award winning British stand up comedian and writer who works internationally. She has performed stand-up shows across the world in Europe, US, Asia and the Far East. Her sell out tours include; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Nong Kong, Cambodia and Kosovo. Listed by The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy, Shazia is also a winner of the prestigious PPA Awards; 'Columnist of the Year’ for her writing in The New Statesman. Other publications she writes for include; The Guardian, The Financial Times, the Daily Mail, New Internationalist, the Chicago Tribune, the Big Issue and Loaded Magazine.

5 4 star reviews
“Shazia Mirza is provoking laughter and large intakes of breath once again ... brave and urgent” THE TELEGRAPH
“As brave a piece of comedy as you’ll see” MAIL ON SUNDAY
"she's effective at getting under your skin... strikes a blow" METRO
"at this moment in time – post-Brexit, post-Nice, post-Orlando –it’s on point chilling and superb" THE SKINNY
"Mirza has stepped up a gear... the bravest thing you’ll see on a comedy stage this year... a remarkable finale" SUNDAY TIMES


. Laughing Matters Presents Stand-Up Comedy
With The Columnist Of The Year

Shazia Mirza

The Kardashians Made Me Do It

In Paris On

Wednesday 24th February 2016

The Kardashians Made Me Do It is inspired by three girls who left
Bethnal Green in 2015 to join ISIS, and an unrelated radio piece Shazia
contributed to the BBC which subsequently received a record number
of complaints. The show tells of the confusion it caused as
she looks into the nature of offence, the dangers of politically
correct liberalism versus the sinister and terrifying intrusion
of ISIS into the lives of young British Asian women and the
phenomenon of jihadi brides.
“My new show is about ISIS and Jihadi brides and why I
think young girls in Britain, are running away to join ISIS.
It was inspired by the three girls from Bethnal Green who
ran off to Join ISIS in February this year. I talk about this
in the context of my own upbringing, my life was exactly the
same as these girls growing up, but I rebelled in the normal
way - I dyed my hair pink and took drugs. I didn’t join a
terrorist organization.
This is the most political material I’ve ever done. In dealing
with this subject matter I have had to be very truthful, and
that’s OK, because the truth is always funny.
The show is not something I particularly wanted to do
either, but I felt I had to, and I knew exactly what I thought
and felt about it. But one thing I felt for sure, is that if I’m
going to do this show I have to really go for it and say it
exactly how it is, or I don’t do it at all.”

The revered, applauded, loved and reviled comedian and
columnist has appeared on various TV and radio shows
including Have I Got News For You (BBC), F*** Off, I’m a
Hairy Woman (BBC) for which she spent seven months in the
service of hirsutism, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Beautiful
People (BBC2), The World Stands Up (Paramount Comedy),
and a regular slot on Radio 2’s Vanessa Feltz Show and
Radio 4’s The Now Show. She has performed internationally
from Texas to Kosovo and has been a regular contributor to
The Financial Times, The Daily Mail and wrote a weekly
column in The Guardian entitled ‘Dairy of a Disappointing
In 2008 she was listed in The Observer as one of the 50
funniest acts in British comedy, won ‘Columnist of the
Year’ at the prestigious PPA Awards for her fortnightly
column in The New Statesman and won The GG2 Young
Achiever of the Year Award.

FT online - The Telegraph - vice - Agence France Presse

Laughing Matters Presented the Mischievous Muslim
Shazia Mirza's
Cuckoolands in Paris

As seen on TV and a Prayer Mat
Tuesday September 24th 2013

105, rue du faubourg du Temple Paris 10

Shazia will be nesting in Paris with her Cuckooland show that she's toured the UK with
and over the summer performed in California.
Hope she had a map and didn't get lost. I'll ensure she has one this time.
Great fun-da-mental stand-up on route to la Java.

Shazia Mirza is an award winning British stand up comedian and writer originally from Birmingham England. Although she doesn't live there anymore because she's doing well.
She works all over the world and has toured the US, Sweden, Denmark, France Holland and Germany.
She has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, NBC's Last Comic Standing, and Have I got News for You (BBC), France 24 and the infamous Thierry Ardisson show in France.

Shazia could have married a rich man and lived in a mansion on The Bishops Avenue, with servants, bidets, and horses. But instead she chose to drive up and down the country for as little as ten pounds, staying in dirty lurid bed and breakfasts trying to make people laugh.She thought of giving up, but no man wants to marry her, now that's she's dabbled in jokes and fingered a few white men on the 38 bus.

She hopes one day to have a cleaner and a jacuzzi.

"Her laconic one-liners represent something quite unique in modern comedy."
William Cook, The Guardian


Shazia Mirza
Lost In Paris

Tuesday September 21st 2010

This will be Shazia's third visit to Paris and comes after her acclaimed show at this year's Edinburgh Festival
and as a highly pleasant stop over during her current UK tour. Ms Mirza has gone from strength to strength since her first visit to Paris in 2003, when after her appearance on Thierry Ardisson's TV show she sold out
her three night run. Two year's later she was performing in La Java for two nights teasing her favorite Parisien coutourier Serge Bensimon and having a ball. Much more than Britain's foremost female Muslim
comedien she's a smart as a whip and contributes to The Guardian and The New Statesman as a journalist.

Shazia Mirza

tue 7 & wed 8 June 2005
La Java

it took some persauding but in the end she straddled the scooter and we rode off into the night, she drank a lot of hot chocolate in unusual places, lost and found her eurostar ticket home and her purse with all her hard earned dosh and credit cards, got a brand new outfit from Serge Ben Simon
and lost the ice cream out of her cone.
She was also very funny for hours on end.

laughing matters presented the fundamentals of comedy with
Shazia Mirza

shazia's organised
+ Patrick Monahan

sun 8 , mon 9 , & tue 10 june 2003
all shows sold out