Laughing Matters in Paris
raised a heap of laughs over Ascension with
British Comedy Award winner for best live stand-up

Sean Lock
1963 - 2021

the can I refresh your member shows

Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8 & Thursday 9 May 2002

Sean Lock reached the point of sheer genius and then just stayed there...for aint natural . The best bar none and one of the few I'm tempted to nick material from...I just aint got the talent to perform it with the same effortless charm and side splitting panache as he has...bastard !
Johnny Vegas

When Lock takes his audiences on offbeat journeys through his hyperactive imagination, there's sure to be comedy gold en route. He's a genuinely creative stand-up, weaving hilarious surreal imagery with spot-on observations and the odd sick aside.

"There are moments when you think you can laugh no more – your tear ducts have run dry and your insides may take years to recover." Of course, coming from Dr. Laura, this would mean something entirely different. Sean is British, brilliant, and an experience not to be missed!" Edinburgh Evening News
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Sean Lock

17, 18 & 19 March 1998