Laughing Matters in Paris Is Proud To Be Part Of
Jason Byrne's
20 years a clown

2 nights in Paris

Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 January 2016
in a somewhat under deconstruction
and carpeted

from finding the correct level for the car park at Roissy airport to driving around the
place de l'Etoile three times in search of Ave Kleber,
café creme and bookery in the Foundation Louis Vuitton,
belt and round bottomed microphone stand buying
by the drained canal St Martin & more coffee in le Carillon
lost on the faubourg du Temple 25 yards away from la Java
to dinner at le Tambour at 2am with Cass, Sherlock, Sheridan & Kavanah
every minute is an adventure when Jason is in town and much of it
comes out when he's on stage (not the dinner)
never a dull moment and hardly a dry eye in the Java.
Thanks Jason for a stunning start to 2016 comedy

is there anyone out there who is not laughing Darren?

it was his best ever show this week

Jason was brilliant, and totally off the cuff, poor Brendan and Irene got their money’s worth !!

what a fantastic show that was last night! I have never cried so many tears of laughter
- my mascara was a right mess

Jason was great thanks really enjoyed it

Jason has to be as good a comic for the Paris set up as it’s possible to get

Jason was hilarious yesterday, we had a great great night.

fantastic gig

fantastic night just what the doctor ordered, a great laugh,
and a privalige to see artists like jason in an intimite venue.

thank you for an unforgettable evening at Le Java in Paris.
Laughed until I could barely breathe

the best stand up in Paris.
Thank goodness for that because we certainly need it at the moment.

Last night was brilliant, Jason byrne is hi larious.

Jason Byrne has been a stand-up comedian for 20 years
and he has spent half of those years absent from a Parisian stage
which is more than surprising since he was our most frequent Irish visitor.
First time in town was 1998 followed by a further 3 sold out appearances before marital duties, TV apearances, sell out Edinburgh Festival runs and touring kept him from
bringing his high octane marathon shows to Paris and Milan.
Now he's back for an amazing two nights kicking off the 2016 comedy year

and I am so happy to see him again because I've probably had more fun with Jason
than any other comedian who has had the Paris and Milanese experience.

laughing matters presents for the 4th time Dublin's incomporable
Jason Byrne
Perrier Award Nominee

stuart McAlister's gallery of fame

photo Stuart McAlister
click on pic to see more shots of Jason & other bods he's lensed
La Java
105 rue du faubourg du Temple Paris 10

tuesday 18 & wednesday 19 january 2005

Jason's at la Java for two nights of familiarly raucous improvisational stand-up comedy
 He's a terrific live performer who's a crowd favourite at Kilkenny and Edinburgh.

He does have some material that he's actually thought of before the night, but he generally doesn't get around to uttering it, as the audience and surroundings always seem more stimulating to him than his scripted gags

It’s a pity no one has invented a machine to harness Jason Byrne, for the Irish mop top has enough hyperactive, supernova energy to power the National Grid ten times over and then some.
Once the residual high of watching this human reactor has faded, a sense of regret kicks in.
Regret that Byrne’s vast reserve of material and live riffing can’t be squeezed into one hour and that it’s not humanly possible to see every single show he ever does for the rest of time. He’s that damned good.
Paramount Comedy

Byrne skilfully forges the appearance of having an act without material, milking his audience for all he can. Seldom cruel, yet always intimidating, his inquiries into relationships and occupations elicit confused responses, mindful of the mischievous distortions that will follow. It’s a simple yet effective ploy, establishing the Irishman as the room’s ranting village idiot and alpha male simultaneously.
Byrne possesses an uncanny ability to convince those he interrogates of the accuracy of his characterisations, so much so that they begin personifying their caricatures, no small achievement with strangers. Always worth seeing, Jason Byrne could surely turn the most hostile room to his humour.
The Scotsman

Perrier Nominee and hottest comic at the Fringe: 100% sell-out 1998-2003.

With no two shows alike, this is high energy, high quality, unpredictable and unmatchable comedy at it’s very best.

“Awesome, amazing, brilliant, hilarious and the outright King of Live Comedy” The Times

"The best company I've ever had in a blizzard in Milano" Karel

Jason Byrne

tuesday 2 & wednesday 3 december 2003

" He heals the sick and cures the lame. Ireland's finest rocket fuelled comedian, a heart ride,
so funny it's religious, Jason Byrne for Pope! " Tommy Tiernan

"Combines comic routine with bizarre improvisation, always interacting with an audiencethat adores him... Whatever he does or says renders the crowd powerless with laughter. ...
Yes, Jason Byrne is that good. Five more stars for his collection." Metro

... "His compellingly energetic style and infectious laugh drives his hour-long set along, rarely letting up long enough for the audience, or Byrne, to take more than a breath. His banter with members of the audience is effortlessly done and sustains the show beyond anything most other stand-ups could manage... everyone is fully involved in the show and loving it." Edinburgh Evening News

"Byrne has now proved himself a master of off-the-cuff stand-up, with a following to match... his quick wit and throwaway lines win us over every time... he has the audience, and himself, laughing non-stop from start to finish... after a hard week's work, a dose of Byrne is just the ticket - if you can get one that is." The Scotsman

family portrait by Tati Mouzo

Laughing Matters in Paris presented
three exhausting nights in the unpredictable company of
Jason Byrne

a wierd way of picking yer nose

Sunday 10, Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 March 2002

With as much explosive energy as a medium-sized thermonuclear device, Byrne unleashes a non-stop tirade of indignant fury that steamrollers his audience into submission. This fast-talking Irishman rages against anything and everything, seamlessly incorporating off-the-cuff comments about the night with topics that have clearly troubled his mind for some time. But he's no angry young man railing against the system, rather he cuts a Basil Fawltyish figure, driven to the brink of insanity by trivial everyday frustrations. And how powerful that mock fury is, the sheer force of his performance compelling even the most reluctant of audiences to listen in thorough absorption.Without that force, the quality of the material might not stand up to much scrutiny - but you are honestly too engrossed, and too busy laughing, to care.

Comedians - especially Irish ones - love to give the impression that they've just, you know, kind of wandered in from the bar to do their set. With Jason Byrne, you wonder if it might actually be true. He was probably born knowing how to make people laugh.
Byrne arrived on a stage laden with props (half of which he didn't use) and within 10 minutes had delivered a seemingly unrehearsed tirade on farmers, supermodels, American tourists and baby seals.
Few comics are as relentlessly physical. He used the entire width and depth of the stage as he prowled around, searching for his next target. His non-stop patter gives the impression that he's permanently on the verge of some kind of mental meltdown. But it doesn't take long to realise that it's really just the side-effect of a lightning-fast brain.
Byrne has the same rare gift as the late Bill Hicks for effortlessly pulling comic riffs from whatever happens to be on hand (or in the audience) on the night. And it's a tribute to his natural talent that his off-the-cuff material was able to induce the rising waves of hysteria that his prepared stuff couldn't quite deliver. " Oh, and it goes without saying: don't be late. Or an American tourist.
Maxton Walker, The Guardian

"Then he stands in front of an audience for more than 20 seconds, they begin to laugh out loud - and they don’t stop until he goes away"
The Independent

"Jason Byrne is the best comedian in Ireland. A truly original performer who has managed to harness his innate sense of anarchy and turn it into breathtakingly inspired stagecraft"
The Evening Herald

"Jason Byrne is a truly unique experience, and quite simply one of the finest and most daring comedians around. Unmissable."
Glasgow Herald

"If you are not on the floor helpless with laughter, you are probably dead"
The List

"A comedy star of absurd proportions- unmissable"
The Irish Independent

Chortle views
Saw Jason Byrne for the first time last Saturday. A very, very funny show. Anna
He's brilliant. I want his kids. Francesca
If we could only bottle his energy we could power small vehicles! I think he's fantastic. Marc D

Laughing Matters presented way back in 1998

8, 9 & 10 November

Jason Byrne

he smoked

and was a bit of a dreamer