Karel Beer's Laughing Matters In Paris Productions Presents
The Night Of The Charmada

Celine Kuklowsky, Jasmine Vegas
and Sophia Lucia


11, rue des Canettes Paris 6

wednesday 1st of may 2024

What does it take to replace an indisposed Jackie Fabulous?

At least three unique ladies who all have one thing in common, they have served behind the greetings table, have taken your money and maybe even shown you your seats if there were any.

Yes these remarkable ladies are all ex members of the "Charmada"
who on labour day 2024 will be working hard to make you laugh and marvel at their myriad talents and believe me they have talent to spare.

So if you have time to spare on a may day night come into the cave and find out for yourselves.

a threesome very well dungeoned