Karel Beer proudly presented the night mayor of Balham

Arthur Smith

Sold Out/Complet
Wednesday 1st November 2023

11, rue des Canettes Paris 6


Arthur Smith is an English comedian known for his work in the alternative comedy scene in the early 1980s. He is best known for his own music and comedy show Arthur Smith's Balham Bash, in which he would invite a range of guests into his own Balham home in South London for a night of varied entertainment and laughs. He is also the voice of Arthur Dustcart on TV's Rex The Runt, and has acted in radio sitcoms such as BBC Radio 4's Married.  

yest another job well dungeoned chez georges!


Laughing Matters Presented
the human equivalent to a three bar electric heater

Arthur Smith

and special guest
Clive Gregson

105, rue du faubourg du Temple Paris 10
Tuesday 8 April 2008

Laughing Matters in Paris Celebrates Un Demi Siecle d'
Arthur Smith

and birthday guests
Ronnie Golden, Tony Hawkes
Phil Nice, Simon Munnery

Sunday 28 november 2004

enter the departed
Malcolm Hardee

Arthur Smith is a compère beyond compare, playwright, panellist and performer of international stature. His plays include An Evening with Gary Lineker, My Summer with Des and The Bed Show. He has also worked as a road sweeper, dustman, warehouseman and teacher. He was born in Bermondsey, South London, in 1954. His father, was a PoW at Colditz, who went on to become a London policeman. Arthur attended a South London grammar school, became head boy and went on to the University of East Anglia where Malcolm Bradbury marked one of his plays B- and suggested he stick to comedy. He is a stalwart of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his latest offering was Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen which transferred to London's West End.

Arthur presents Radio 4's weekly programme about travel and much else besides, Excess Baggage, and previously presented a Radio 4 travel documentary series, Sentimental Journey. From Argentina to Cuba, via several bars in New York, Arthur has travelled the world, amassed an unrivalled collection of shoe buffers, airline socks and anecdotes, speaks fluent French irrespective of country, can, and will, quote Dante at length. He has featured on many radio shows including a six-minute talk about Plato. He remains a regular guest on Loose Ends.

“A very funny man. He is one of the few that made the transition from silent to talkies.”
Lee Mack

“He invented comedy, before him was nothing but gloom and he speaks perfect French.”
Greg Proops

“Like fine wine, Paris ages well, fortunately this doesn’t hold true for Arthur Smith
for without his bitter skewed look at everything he would not be Arthur Smith and that
would find us all lacking.”
Dave Fulton

“When I think of Arthur Smith my mind wanders.
I picture beautiful young women in see-through clothing strolling the countryside....
many of them wanting me sexually.... some two at a time.
Hey wait a second.... who were we talking about?”
Eddie Brill